Conradina Chapter of Florida Native Plant Society

2023 Landscaping with Florida Natives Tour

15th Annual Landscaping with Florida Natives Tour Saturday, October 26, 2024

Please check back this summer to purchase tickets for the tour.

Upcoming Free Educational Sessions

  • Why Native Plants Are Important
  • Native Plant Landscaping 101

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2023 Landscape Tours

South Brevard County

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South Brevard County

Public Spaces

South Brevard County

The Purposes of the Landscape Tour

Our Mission is to promote the preservation, conservation and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida.

  • Provide Brevard County residents with the opportunity to see landscapes containing 70% or more Florida native plants or transitioning to a Florida native landscape.
  • Illustrate that healthy, attractive landscapes can flourish without the use of chemicals.
  • Motivate residents to try landscaping with native plants.
  • Encourage other landscapers to use natural landscaping techniques in their own landscapes by providing the opportunity to visit a variety of interesting and visually appealing pesticide-free landscapes.
  • Inspire other landscapers to provide wildlife habitat in their home landscapes.

2023 Sponsors

Oak Tree Quercus Sponsors $1,000

Pine Tree Pinus Sponsors $500

Walter’s Viburnum Sponsors $250

Goldenrod Flowers Solidago Sponsors $100