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Have you planned on, or have you already started planting new native plants in your garden and yard?

Presentations to Share

Doug Tallamy Resources

Doug is a frequent keynote speaker at Tour events and the author of “Bringing Nature Home: How Native Plants Sustain Wildlife in Our Gardens” and the New York Times bestseller “Nature’s Best Hope

Watch Doug’s April 26th 2020 talk at Sundays in the Gardens

Plant Lists

For comparison a list of non-native ornamental plants, and the number of species of butterflies and moths that will lay eggs on them.
(PDF or Excel)

Douglas Tallamy developed these lists.

Comparison Chart
Typical native and nonnative plants and their reproductive value to butterflies and moths

Other Useful Lists
10 best native plants for sunny and 10 best plants for shady areas

Readily available natives high value to butterflies and moths

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