Satellite Beach

Welcome to our evolving native plant garden. We purchased our home in 2015 and were delighted that the previous owner (directly across the street), had planted Sunshine Mimosa ground cover throughout the yard. Encouraged with the low maintenance of a native ground cover, we began adding native trees, bushes and more ground covers to attract wildlife. This same neighbor also has many native plant species, and a water feature in her yard. We enjoy watching our pollinators cross the street back and forth! We have reserved sandy patches in the landscape on our south side for ground bees to nest.

Our yard is very dry, and we do not have irrigation. I enjoy watering with a hose and use the time to inspect and assess the plants for growth and problems, while pulling weeds and enjoying the pollinators. We have a small bed with milkweed plants for monarchs by the hose at our front porch that gets hand watered the most frequently.

On the south side of the house, we have 50 year old mango trees that are excellent fruit producers. One year we counted approximately 3,000 mangos. This year we were delighted to have a hawk nest high in a mango tree. I was surprised to find half an eggshell on the ground one day as I was watering. We have enjoyed watching two fledglings grow and learn to hunt over in my neighbors yard.

We are fortunate to have multiple native plant nurseries in our area. My primary focus is pollinator plants and I purchase them from Tim and Anna at Native Butterfly Flowers in Melbourne. I am able to buy large plant specimens from Skip at Change of Greenery. My very first native plants, and more, are from Drew at Maple Street Natives.

You will see our Lagoon Friendly Lawn Silver Award sign proudly displayed as you enter. We are a work in progress, continually seeking to increase our biodiversity, and reaching for the gold.

Plant List