Franklin DeGroodt Library

6475 Minton Road SE, Palm Bay

Designed By:  Sharon Dolan at Maple Street Natives

Installed By:  Volunteers of Conradina

Started:  2019 Funded by Keep Brevard Beautiful

Percentage of Native Plants:  80%.  Date palms were not removed.

Land Available on Tour:  Entrance to the library

Landscape Description:

The DeGroodt Library has the most patrons of any library in Brevard County providing a great opportunity to educate the public about how good native plants can look.  Although a small project, it had a dramatic impact as a major portion of the front façade of the library was obscured with large overgrown plants.  Probably the most exciting part of this project though was the children’s activity created by the library team to go with the native planting.


The large amount of traffic results in lots of litter an is a constant challenge to maintain.

Plant List