Palm Bay

Designed By: Homeowner

Installed By: Homeowner and Drew Dolan of Natscape

Started: 2008

Percentage of Native Plants: 95%

Square Footage of Land Available on Tour: .79 acre

Years on the Landscaping Tour: Six!

Amount of Sun and Shade: Lots of shade

Unique Features and Animals: Many birds and pollinators, snakes, racoons, possums, and squirrels. Lots of yard art including a bottle tree and bottle bushes, a “yard bird”, and more.

Landscape Description: The two lots have majestic Slash Pines and Live Oaks. There is a meadow garden, with grass and wildflower species, along with a large planting of tall grasses. I have planted shrubs and trees such as Gumbo Limbo, Red Mulberry, Varnishleaf , Wild Coffee, Beautyberry, and Simpson’s Stopper. By planting the appropriate species of plants in the different areas of my yard, I have eliminated the need for watering except in extreme drought. I have planters in the pool area with native water plants, along with water plants in my small water garden in the back yard. There is a patio with an Asian garden, my water garden, and an herb garden including some natives. There are now two bog gardens in the sunny area and one in the shade. Shrubs and Red Cedars were planted along the back fence for screening and wildlife habitat.

Challenges: Very bad fill, neighbors with lots of invasives, lots of shade.

Plant List