Melbourne Municipal Band Area

1924 Melody Lane, Melbourne

Designed By:  Maple Street Natives

Installed By:  Maple Street Natives, Conradina Chapter of the Native Plant Society, and Melbourne Municipal Band volunteers

Started:  2014

Percentage of Native Plants:  100% of the garden excluding blanket flowers recently deemed non-native

Land Available on Tour:  The garden consists of a courtyard between the Melbourne Municipal Band buildings as well as the surrounding walkways.

Amount of Sun and Shade:  Mixed sun/shade

Unique Features and Animals:  Atala butterflies and caterpillars

Landscape Description:
Originally the garden mostly consisted of shrubs, coontie and Muhly grass. Recently we have been adding groundcover and flowering plants that we propagate from our home gardens.

Weeds, grasses and extra soil needed to be removed, particularly from the courtyard area. Homeless people would break in through the fence looking for shelter and then leave a lot of trash behind. We removed the top 5 inches or so of weeds and soil and leveled the bed.  We laid cardboard down as weed control and cut holes to put the plants in place.

Plant List