Designed By: Nichole Perna at Go Native Landscaping

Installed By: Nichole and Erik Perna at Go Native Landscaping with supplemental plantings by the

Started: Garden beds were dramatically expanded in 2017 and continue to be developed

Percentage of Native Plants: 80%

Square Footage of Land Available on Tour: 16,000 sq ft

Years on the Landscaping Tour: First year!

Amount of Sun and Shade: Fair amount of shade due to the existing oak hammock and one side of the property has a steep slope.

Unique Features and Animals: This beautiful extensive property bordering the lagoon is a refuge for many birds and pollinators, snakes, marsh rabbits, and box turtles.

Landscape Description: The garden borders the Indian River Lagoon on three sides with a canopy of mature live oaks, cabbage palms and a fringe of mangroves. A 300+ ft native plant buffer of native grasses like spartina patens, spartina bakeri , muhly, and fakahatchee were planted to help stabilize the shoreline and provide food and cover for wildlife along the waters edge. Over 100 species of ground covers, grasses, wildflowers, shrubs and trees provide food and cover in the 16,000 sq ft garden. Pea gravel paths wind through the backyard connecting patio, dock and seating areas. A new installed waterfall with a stream, shallow pond and rain garden provides a freshwater source for wildlife. Cedar arbors and pergolas have been thoughtfully installed to create vertical surfaces for climbing native vines to grow and spread.

Challenges: The site had significant erosion issues after hurricanes and native plants were utilized to help stabilize the shoreline. Some invasives plants like weedila have been challenging to remove.

Plant List