Melbourne Beach

My name is Patricia Biagi I live in Melbourne Beach about six houses from A1A. My husband and I finished building our house a little over two years ago.   There were only a few Sable palms on our lot that had been there when we started our house.  I did not want to put any grass in, but the county forced us to. UGH! This is to prevent soil erosion. However, we only had to put sod out about 10’feet from the house. Which was fine by me.  Needless to say, I have ripped out a lot of it and will continue to do so.  The first thing I planted was a big kind of “scrawny” oak tree which has finally (after two years) started to take of.   When I started trying plant, I had no idea how hard it would be to make a garden so close to the beach. I was a plant killer and very disheartened.   I had lost my green thumb!  But thanks to my neighbor I started to look at native plants as an option to create a small sanctuary.  (Key word being small).  Since then, I have learned so much.  Like what will grow and or die!  Also, about the importance of pollinators and what we need to do to try and protect our environment in any small way we can.  One plant at a time.

Plant List