Palm Bay

Designed By: Homeowner

Installed By: Homeowner Started: 2019

Percentage of Native Plants: 100% of garden area, 55% of lawn

Square Footage of Land Available on Tour: ¼ acre

Years on the Landscaping Tour: First one!

Unique Features and Animals: Many birds and pollinators, walking stick, snakes, racoons, rabbits, possums, and moles.

Landscape Description: Rebecca grew up in NJ the garden state! and spent many summers in Maryland with her grandparents who were avid gardeners. After getting her bachelor’s in science education, then living a few years in PA, Rebecca moved to Florida in 2009. Gardening was a whole new world down here, and after several plantings and replanting’s , Rebecca was too frustrated to deal with it anymore. Moving to Mariposa Dr (means butterfly) in 2015, two kids later, her garden was a wreck. Unfortunately, her third child was delivered stillborn in December 2018. In her grief, Rebecca took to her garden, yet again, to help bring life into her home, in at least that small way. She was introduced to native gardening by a local herbalist in March 2019…and the rest was history. Over 130 plant species, dozens of pollinators, over 20 species of birds, her “ yarden ” is alive and a beautiful tribute to her son… She likes to tell people we live inside a butterfly exhibit.

Challenges: I’ve been co planting to help shade more delicate plants while encouraging the sunny ones. I added 4 ponds to add water plants.

Certifications: NWF Backyard Wildlife Habitat

Plant List