Designed By: Nelson Nursery, Melbourne, Fl

Installed By: Nelson Nursery, Melbourne, Fl

Started: 1989

Percentage of Native Plants: 75%

Square Footage of Land Available on Tour: 1 acre: Front 6,000 sq. ft; Back 12,600 sq. ft.

Years on the Landscaping Tour: First one!

Amount of Sun and Shade: Majority shade

Unique Features and Animals: Includes about ½ acre of woods (pines, palmettos), nectar flowers, seeded plants, coonties , host caterpillar plants, and a small stream. Many birds and pollinators, snakes, racoons, rabbits, possums, occasional bobcat and coyote.

Landscape Description: In transition from typical new home plantings in the 80.’s to a majority of natives with a focus on keystone plants. The lawn is a “mow what you grow” and has not been treated with fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides for at least 15 years; fog fruit has been gaining presence.

Challenges: Maintaining the many planting areas while trying to reduce mowed areas and preventing the weed whack guys from cutting off small native plants.

Certifications: NWF Backyard Wildlife Habitat

Plant List