Satellite Beach Public Works

240 Jackson Ave., Satellite Beach 32937

Designed By: Susan Hall Landscape Architecture

Installed By: Blue H2O

Started: February 2022

Percentage of Native Plants: 100%

Amount of Sun and Shade: Mostly sun

Unique Features and Animals: Wildflowers and Trees were added to provide natural habitat for native wildlife. Rocks were placed around storm drain to prevent erosion. Wildlife consists of native and migratory birds, osprey, butterflies, bees, wasp, lizards.

Landscape Description: Landscape was designed to showcase Florida native plants in a Florida lagoon friendly sustainable landscape. These plants will survive our harsh weather with little maintenance. Aesthetically pleasing, these plants will provide food shelter and refuge to our native wildlife, as well as improved air quality (sequester carbon), cooler air (transpiration and shading pavement), energy savings (shade/wind shear), water quality (slows storm water runoff so more can be absorbed into ground), and better for environment (no need for pesticides or synthetic fertilizers).

Challenges: Area was previously a drainage ditch and parking lot with minimal plants and grass. New public works building was constructed with Florida natives for a sustainable landscape that provides and betters our environment.