Designed By: Shane Martin

Installed By: Shane Martin

Started: February 2021

Percentage of Native Plants: 95%

Amount of Sun and Shade: Mostly sun, mixed sun/shade.

Unique Features and Animals: This yard features a butterfly landscape with close to ten varieties of butterfly host plants as well as food sources for birds. Wildlife consists of native and migrating birds, dragonflies, spiders, frogs, butterflies, snakes, lizards, opossums, and dogs.

Landscape Description: This landscape was installed with nature in mind to bring the native wildlife a place to feed, take shelter, and raise their young. Plants are my passion and natives have so many benefits.

Challenges: At first, there was no natural habitat for the wildlife to live. There were some invasive grasses and weeds that were removed and replaced with native varieties to create a natural habitat.

Certifications: National Wildlife Federation Backyard Wildlife Habitat Landscape, Lagoon Friendly Landscape.