After purchasing and redoing my home in Indialantic fifteen years ago, I was able to start playing in my yard. Leading up to that point, the last twenty years of my life were spent in a highly ‘left-brained’, analytical academic and clinical setting. I had a lot of dormant creativity inside of me that I was able to express with my yard.

In the beginning, coming from New England, I had very limited knowledge of Florida plants and gardening. I am extremely grateful for the information and advice given to me by the Maple Street Natives Nursery, Native Butterfly Flowers Nursery, a few key reference books, and the local chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society.

My landscaping was primarily a solo venture (with the occasional artistic eye and additional muscle provided by my friends) and undertaken in sections over a manageable period of time. As I was working on one area, insights and ideas for other areas came and were soon manifested, often with a good amount of anticipation and excitement.

I am passionate about our environment and took action by creating habitats utilizing Florida native plants. There is food, water, shelter, numerous nesting sites for birds, burrows for turtles and snakes, and host plants for butterflies and moths. All the plants are cold tolerant, drought tolerant, and salt tolerant so therefore low maintenance. There is no watering, fertilizing, covering (for potential frosts), or spraying of any chemicals needed. There is occasional pruning and edging. During my morning walk around, I may spot a friendly seedling to gift or pull a weed. It was a great feeling to give my lawnmower away!

My sanctuary is complete with pathways, statues, raised organic gardens, boulders, rain barrels, fruit trees, a teak gate, medicine wheel, meditation path, water fountain, patio, bird area, and a meditation hut. My yard is an expression of me. It offers a refuge of joy, reflection, peace, and serenity. It is a place for grounding, breathing, and connecting with nature.

Please come, have a walk around, and enjoy. Thank you for your interest in (and hopefully a passion for) landscaping with native Florida plants.

Plant List