Turkey Creek Sanctuary

Three Gardens Near the Entrance

1518 Port Malabar Blvd NE, Palm Bay

Designed and Installed By:  Volunteers of the Port Malabar Garden Club and other groups

Percentage of Native Plants:  90%

Land Available on Tour:  Entrance to the park on west side

Landscape Description: Clustered together near the entrance are three separate gardens that were created by different groups at different times, but all include many native plants.  There will be a handout available of diagrams identifying the plants in each garden. The small area around the welcome sign was designed and implemented by Port Malabar Garden Club this spring.  It includes a walkway of pavers made by the club and a member of the ranger staff.  This provides photo opportunities to visitors, while protecting the plants from their feet.  Next to the Welcome Sign Garden is a Bog Garden, created this year by the Lisa on the ranger’s staff.  Across the walkway from the Welcome Sign is a Butterfly Garden that was created by a Girl Scout Troop many years ago.

Challenges: Most of the many visitors are respectful of the park and the gardens.  There is some litter and vandalism from time to time.

For more info about Turkey Creek Sanctuary, please visit Turkey Creek Sanctuary | City of Palm Bay, FL (palmbayflorida.org)

Plant List