Wayne & Emmie


Loving the outdoors, Wayne and Emmie wanted a yard that would embrace Florida’s natural environment, while attracting butterflies and birds to their yard. In 2002, they purchased an undeveloped lot covered with native trees and shrubs. It is a small lot, so in order to save as much of the native vegetation outside the house pad as possible, they worked with their builder to have the house built using stem wall construction, instead of simply building on a slab which requires the clear cutting of a lot. Their efforts to save the natural environment included hiring an arborist to root prune and water the oaks and maples on the site during construction.

Over the years the original native vegetation at the back of the house and sides has been preserved, and additional native plants have been added. Most of the front of the lot had to be cleared during construction but has been replanted, primarily with native trees, shrubs and flowers.

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